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In modern industrial production, more and more new composite materials are being used on a large scale in aviation, aerospace, energy, automobiles and other fields, and traditional sewing equipment is increasingly unable to meet the new process needs, most of the new materials have a certain harm to the human body, need a special equipment in a specific working environment, for specific materials to meet the process needs, and greatly reduce labor to reduce the harm of materials to the human body.

Tufting head can hold multiple layers of materials and is suitable for a wide range of materials including leather, fabric, fiber and many others. In combination with the robotic arm, a variety of complex stitches including 3D shapes can be completed.

It adopts a six-axis robotic arm to adapt to various shapes.

Maximum range of motion 2701mm

The robot arm has a maximum load of 210kg and can replace the working end as required. 

Tufting head is suitable for sewing 5~35mm multi-layer materials

Sewing stitch 8~15mm

The thread used for sewing is not less than 3 strands of fiber thread and other fiber threads.

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