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DP201 spraying equipment (customizable)


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Product Description

Maximum load: wrist (T-axis) 15KG

Arm (U axis) 20KG

Repetitive positioning accuracy * 1:0.2mm

Scope of work:

S-axis (rotation): - 150 °~+150 ° (wall-mounted type - 90 °~+90 °)

L-axis (lower arm): - 65 °~+130 °

U axis (upper arm): - 65 °~+150 °

R axis (wrist rotation): - 720 °~+720 °

Axis B (wrist swing): - 720 °~+720 °

T-axis (wrist rotation): - 720 °~+720 °

Maximum speed: 2.0m/s

Maximum speed of each axis:

S-axis (rotation): 2.09rad/s, 120 °/s

L-axis (lower arm): 2.09rad/s, 120 °/s

U axis (upper arm): 2.18rad/s, 120 °/s

R-axis (wrist rotation): 6.28rad/s, 120 °/s

Axis B (wrist swing): 6.28rad/s, 120 °/s

T-axis (wrist rotation): 6.28rad/s, 120 °/s

Allowable dynamic moment:

R-axis (wrist rotation): 93.2N. m (9.5kgf. m)

Axis B (wrist swing): 58.8N. m (6.0kgf. m)

T-axis (wrist rotation): 19.6N. m (2.0kgf. m)

Allowable moment of inertia (GD ²/ 4):

R-axis (wrist rotation): 3.75kg. m ²

Axis B (wrist swing): 2.225kg. m ²

T-axis (wrist rotation): 0.2kg.m ²

Hollow diameter of wrist: ∅ 70mm

Body weight: 485 kg

Equipment environment:

Temperature: 0 °~+40 °

Humidity: 20%~80% RH (no condensation)

Vibration acceleration: 4.9m/s ² Below (0.5G)

Elevation: below 1000m

Others: keep away from electrical noise sources and do not generate strong magnetic field

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