Porosity Holiday Detector

N68-C Porosity/Holiday Detector


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N68-C Porosity Holiday Detector is a special testing equipment used to detect oil and gas pipelines, cables, enamel, metal tank, hull and other protective coatings flaws. It is a professional and practical equipment.

Product Description


1、Low power consumption, small size, light weight。
2、Microelectronic integrated high voltage generator,to overcome the electrostatic;
3、digital display,high-precision;
4、Automatic exchange for High voltage and source voltage;
5、intelligent charging;
6、Adopt imported micro switch, action is sensitive and reliable and with good stability;
7、Power on self test function;
8、Anti static,High voltage Protection;
9、Automatic regulation;
10、Modular structure,Three-proofing design,long service life and reliability。
11、Removable batteries

【Main technical index】

1、Measuring range:0.03-10.mm
2、Output high voltage:0.5-35KV
3、Display:digital display
4、High voltage control system:digital
5、DC supply:12v
7、Alarm delay:1-2s
8、High voltage probe:high pressure generator (import)
9、Packing:Aluminum box
11、Main dimension: 165mm×155mm×68mm
12、Weight:1.5kg(Including battery)

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