Porosity Holiday Detector

N86-T Online Porosity Holiday detector


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N86-T Online Porosity Holiday detector is a special testing equipment used to detect oil and gas pipelines, cables, enamel, metal tank, hull and other protective coatings flaws. It is a professional and practical equipment.

Product Description


1、oil and gas Anticorrosive factory, pipelining company, construction departments and qualitative inspect branch.
2、also use to gas company and water company pipeline inspecting
3、Shipbuilding, petrochemical plant, factory, machinery plant, enamel factory and bridge engineering anticorrosion-layer inspecting.
4、Pipeline transportation company anticorrosion-layer inspecting


1、Microelectronic integrated high voltage generator,to overcome the electrostatic.
2、Full keyboard operation,Improve performance;
3、pinhole automatic counting;
4、High voltage output can Continuous adjustment,auto-save the high voltage value
5、display the The actual test voltage, Ensure the safety of the coating
6、three different the poles to adapt different test
7、when under voltage, automatic shutdown;
8、intelligent charging;
9、Modular structure,Three-proofing design,long service life and reliability。

【Main technical index】

1、Measuring range:0.03-10.mm
2、Output high voltage:0.5-35KV
3、Display: Digital
4、High-pressure control system: Full digital control
5、20V AC power supply
6、Power consumption: <5W
7、Alarm delay: 1-2 seconds
8、 High pressure gun: Imported high-voltage generator
9、Packing: ABS plastic box
10、The host size: 165mm × 155mm × 68mm
11、Weight: 1.0kg


1、Host                                x1
2、High voltage probe      x1
3、Brush plate                   x1
4、Fan-shaped brush       x1
5、Warning Light               x1
6、220V power line           x1
7、Long cable                     x1
8、Short connecting line  x1
9、Connecting magnet     x1
10、earth stick                   x1
11、Rubber gloves            x2
12、Manual                        x1


 The detector generates a high DC voltage that is applied to the coating surface through a probe. The detector is connected to the substrate via the high voltage returned. When the probe is passed over a coating flaw, then the electrical circuit is completed and current flows from the probe to the substrate. As a result, audible and visual alarms are activated in the detector and a spark may be produced at the flaw. 


Standard configuration: The brush plate 
Optional configuration: The fan-shaped brush, The inner circular brush,the exterior circular brush

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